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“Zach is a great friend of ours and has been amazing at helping us get our financial house in order. We completely dodged the stock market collapse at the end of 2008 and not only saved our retirement but also earning steady returns ever since – thanks to Zach’s advise! We really appreciate everything he has done!”

-Dave & Kristen Hall
Lakeland, FL


“Zach has been helping us plan our finances and investments since 2001. He’s been spot on with his advice and recommendations. We owe our “much improved” financial situation to his coaching and encouragement. Thanks Zach!”

- Joe & Vicki Gex
V.P. of Operations – Claim
Source One, Inc. and Happy
Retiree, Airline Industry
Atlanta, GA


Investing in the Most Excellent Way – My Clients #1 Mission
My clients are high-level business leaders (Corporate Executives, Small Business Owners, Attorney’s & CPA’s) who all share a common agenda for their investment dollars – to personally see their core values harmoniously united and integrated deep into the business causes for which their investment dollars provide financial support. This “vision for values” approach serves as the organizing framework for selecting worthy investments and provides the ultimate platform for creating real sustainable long-term wealth in their portfolios and their local economies.

Three Primary Investment Objectives, Not Just One3-notjustone
While many average investors focus only on the portfolio returns of an investment, my clients understand there are social, political, economic and moral issues of great consequence involved in how they choose to allocate their investment dollars. My clients see themselves as proactive responders to this unique calling for principle-centered investment leadership. As a result, high-yielding investments that destroy the moral fabric of our society are simply disregarded as viable options.

Overall, my clients have three main investment objectives:


Significance, Benevolence & Profitability All in One Experience
Because of my client’s higher calling to responsibility, they clearly enjoy a number of benefits not available from other investment avenues including tax advantages, zero-fee structure, impressive upside potential and a risk management program simply unavailable in mainstream financial services industry investments. And of course in the process, these benevolent investors gain a healthy identity as “true community elders” whose investment decisions provide vision, inspiration and hope for their local economy.

One Simple Step to Unlocking a New Realm of Possibility in Your Investments!
Please take your time in navigating the information presented in this website – it was built so that you could, at your leisure and pace, become very informed about who I am, what I am all about and where my clients and I are strategically heading – together! I would love the opportunity to meet you and discuss how we might build a long-term working relationship together!

Should you be interested in setting up a time to meet, please contact me by phone or email, anytime Monday through Friday.

Congratulations on Your New Road Ahead and All the Possibilities!

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Zach Schlobohm
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