Zach Schlobohm
Michael and Erin McElveen Sarah Wells Shawn Millard & Family Deon and Rachel Goodman Eunice Summers Larry and Summer Lindsey Justin and Kim Slater Matthew and Kim Jonas Robert and Melissa Larkin Dawn Hunter Nathan Comar & Andrea Latham Doug and Belinda Bateman Jessica Fulks Zach and Sarah Schlobohm Nathan Williams & Family

“Every Trustee One Solutions, LLC property goes through a thorough 20 point inspection to ensure the highest quality standards for our home buyers. It our desire to provide the nicest, safest homes for buyers in Polk County”

- Todd Goddell
Lead Renovation Consultant &
Project Manager
Trustee One Solutions, LLC

“Being in charge of Zach’s home design strategies, I’d be the first to tell anyone that he is very
dedicated towards providing a wonderful home with beautiful aesthetics for his home buyer clients. His company does a
fantastic job!”

- Renee Strawbridge, Inc.
Head Home Designer for
Trustee One Solutions, LLC

“Zach and his renovation team took a dilapidated foreclosure and turned it into our dream home!”
We got to pick everything out from the kitchen to the appliances to everything!”

- Michael & Erin McElveen
Lakeland Home Buyer Client

“I just love my new home! Zach worked with me on a $20k custom renovation and it’s just perfect!
Trustee One Solutions, LLC took away all of my first time home buyer fears! Thanks Zach!”

-Sarah Wells
Lakeland Home Buyer Client

Dave Rhinehart

“Trustee One Solutions has built a honest reputation for providing great homes for retail buyers and lease option tenants in the Lakeland market. They are clearly establishing themselves as a major player in the Central Florida housing market”

- Dave Rhinehart
Licensed Florida Realtor
Diversified Real Estate
Ventures, LLC


Dawn Hunter

Dawn Hunter

Dawn’s Story:
Dawn came to us after seeing our Winter Haven pool home under construction. She had actually seen the property before we purchased it but didn’t have her credit in a perfect place to buy. After renovating the home, Dawn secured her pool home by working with us via our lease option program.

“I’m really enjoying the home, the pool and neighborhood are great and Zach’s company has been patient with me while I rebuild my credit!”
– Dawn Hunter

Financial Highlights of Successful Project

  • Dawn’s 1,700 square foot pool is costing her less than $1,000 per month!
  • Local investor earned an 8% annualized return for their long-term participation as well as an excellent security position and a nice back end bonus when the property sells.
  • Trustee One Solutions, LLC provided over 9 jobs to a variety of local workers and contractors as well as purchased several thousand dollars worth of building materials to renovate the property.
  • Winter Haven’s local housing market was improved as well as the values in the local neighborhood!